Harriet Tubman and Christian values

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Harriet Tubman never expected to be the face of the $20 bill. And neither did anybody else expect her to be. It is the right thing to do. Harriet was a spiritual woman and I would like to ask her if it was for Jesus that she set the captives free.

Don’t you wonder if it was because of the injustice of one man owning another human that caused her to risk her life and the life of others to escape the bondage of slavery? Did Christianity have anything to do with it?

I wonder because at this time – over 100 years since her death – we Christians are not prone to allow Christianity to color our words or our actions when it comes to our cherished beliefs.

  • We know it is not Christian to hold another man in slavery. But we have no such compunction against holding women…

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Part 2. Who are you holding the cloak for?

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The church is the last holdout for female equality. The first place where a woman should have been equal is proving to be the last place where she will find equality.

We live in a country where women have won legal rights, but in this country the majority of Christian women have surrendered their Christian rights.

We should never forget those women who bucked the system and who demanded their rights. It was not just for equality for themselves that inspired them to fight. These brave women were looking into the future to a time when all women would be equal. They would be heart-broken to know that 21st century Christian women willingly give up their spiritual rights.

It was 1920 before women were given the right to vote in national elections. But the battle was only half over. Women still were not full citizens of the United States with…

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Is There a “Christian Ideology?” – Roger E. Olson

?Is There a “Christian Ideology?” Recently I read an editorial that referred to a Christian university’s “Christian ideology.” This editorial was written by a very intelligent journalist. (Like all editorials it was unsigned, but I happen to know who wrote it.) To me, anyway, “Christian ideology” is an oxymoron. If something is true Christianity it…

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Dangerous and Ignorant Attitudes about Sex Abuse in the Church, part III

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Sherri could not believe what she was hearing. If this was true, she had been in danger this whole time and never knew it.

She had only been working on this project for a couple of months by now. Things had been going well as far as she knew. She, Brad, Gary and the others had nearly cleaned out the shop and made it ready for crews to begin remodeling. Sherri had been looking forward to the next phase, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Just a few short moments ago she was minding her own business and working away when Brad started to call it a day. He waited until the others had left, and then asked Sherri to stay for a few more moments. This would have normally been cause for concern, but Sherri had known Brad for years before she started working for him. If there was…

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