Church Membership Covenants Aren’t Needed Nor Biblical by Wade Burleson for The Wartburg Watch

“I need no covenant to guarantee that God will finish the work He’s begun in me.” Wade Burleson

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Fraudulent Authority book by Wade Burleson on The Wartburg Watch

“The church of Jesus Christ in the 21st century is losing its power to transform lives because of an infatuation with spiritual and moral authority that pastors take over people,” according to Wade Burleson

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Church Discipline (Abuses). by Todd Wilhlem for The Wartburg Watch

“Too many of our present day evangelical churches are staffed with proud, pompous, narcissistic men who have been indoctrinated at institutions such as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,” writes ‘rock-throwing peasant’ Todd Wilhelm.

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Voddie Baucham and the Bayly Brothers Have Weird Ideas About Marriage

Tim's Blog - Just One Train Wreck After Another

Julie Anne over at Spiritual Sounding Board has a scathing (and hilarious) analysis of part one of a marriage series Tim and David Bayly posted back in 2007 (based entirely on a misreading of Proverbs 30:18-19). Here’s an excerpt from the Baylys’ own post, which they entitle Wooing as Warfare*:

The young man who pursues marriage enters a foreign land where he wages war. On the hinges of that battle lie happiness or shame.

But though a potential bride may be deeply loved, she’s also at some level the foe. To achieve victory the young man must not only win her, he must defeat her and her family, snatching her from their bosom, converting her to himself, breaking her natural bonds with father and mother, brother and sister, nurse and friend, dog and home. There’s little that’s tender about it.

It’s a simple message for those seeking a wife: if you…

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Church Discipline of Abused Wife Featured in Media. The Wartburg Watch

Local media highlights Marie Notcheva’s story.

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