Thinking Fellows interview: Eternal Subordination of the Son controversy

This week the Thinking Fellows are joined by Elyse Fitzpatrick and her son Joel Fitzpatrick to talk about a controversy revolving around the idea of the eternal subordination of the Son. The Fellows aren’t here to join the fight but instead talk about the misapplication of the Trinity happening within the controversy. Sit back, relax, and grab a drink as the Fellows cover this special listener requested show.

Jonathan Leeman: Parsing Words and Deleting Comments (Guest Post by Todd Wilhelm) — [This is about my ex-church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley]

Why are comments disappearing under posts on the 9Marks website?

via Jonathan Leeman: Parsing Words and Deleting Comments (Guest Post by Todd Wilhelm) —


9/26/16. Note: This is about my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley and the authoritarian 9 Marks practices that they follow.  I wrote a 1-star review on Amazon about Mark Dever’s 9 Marks of a Healthy Church and described the implementation of the recommended practices as being “like the Salem Witch Trials”. I stand by every word.  Jonthan Leeman at 9 Marks wrote an article about my 1-star Amazon review. More than 30 comments were made to the article, logical and critical of the 9 Marks system overall. Todd Wilhlem, in United Arab Emirates (an American who works/lives there and had dealings with an abusive 9 Marks church as well) wrote about the article. 9 Marks subsequently scrubbed the internet of all comments which a webmaster had to retrieve. Todd Wilhelm’s latest article is about the scrubbing of the internet by 9 Marks and of comments. There is no adult discourse, or so it seems, with 9 Marks. If their ideas will “float” (i.e. are viable) why do they shut down critiques?  – Velour/MtnShepherdess

Only the weak are cruel

From Suzanne Pardue via Twitter on 9/26/16

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong… – Leo F. Buscaglia”



Changing My Mind on Women in Ministry, Part 1 – Missio Alliance

It’s Not Easy to Change When those of us on the Missio Alliance writing team were given this month’s topic—Gender and the Kingdom of God—I knew that it would be a difficult topic for me to write about. Truth be told, it has been an extremely difficult topic for me to write about. Yes, I’m … Continued

Source: Changing My Mind on Women in Ministry, Part 1 – Missio Alliance

9Marx Shuts Down Comments by Todd Wilhelm

[Note: The first article that Todd Wilhelm/Thou Art The Man blog wrote was in response to Jonathan D. Leeman’s article at 9 Marks about my 1-star review on Amazon of Mark Dever’s 9 Marks book and the horrible abuses, excommunications and shunnings – akin to the Salem Witch Trials that I saw practiced by the pastors/elders at my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley. 9 Marks censored and deleted all comments from the article from other people, very good critiques of 9 Marks. Now 9 Marks has censored another article and deleted comments. So much for ‘adult discussions’ about serious topics. When the going gets tough, Mark Dever and Jonathan D. Leeman turn tail and run. – Velour/MtnShepherdess, Moderator/blogger]


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Yesterday I wrote an article titled “Jonathan Leeman: Parsing Words and Deleting Comments.”  The subject of the article was the removal of all comments on an article published on the 9Marks website and Leeman’s lame and dishonest reasons given for doing so. The article, written by Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director of 9Marks, is titled “Don’t Be a 9Marxist!”

Yesterday I was alerted to the fact that Leeman also removed all comments from another article on the 9Marks blog titled “The Abuse of Authority in Prosperity Gospel Churches.”

The article, written by D.A. Horton, began by stating the following”