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What’s the best way to know whether or not a church is worth joining?

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Only the weak are cruel

From Suzanne Pardue via Twitter on 9/26/16

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong… – Leo F. Buscaglia”



Alex, age 6, and his letter to President Obama About A Syrian Boy


Dear Alex, age 6, in New York:

I smiled and cried when I saw you read your letter about helping the little boy in Syria who was sitting in an ambulance after a bombing, having him live with you and your family, sharing everything you have with him.

Alex, we all need friends like you. We should all have hearts like you.

I was with some people at a church for about eight years and most of them, sadly, didn’t really like other people, didn’t love them, didn’t want to do nice things for them, especially if they were from some far away country.

Thank you Alex for reminding me that I need more friends like you who want to help.

Changed By Breaking Bread With People Like Jesus Did.

By Velour/Mtn Shepherdess ©


“I dare you to break bread with the people that Jesus broke bread with. It will change you.”

~Johnny Miller


from Jory Micah’s website:



Indeed this quote from Johnny Miller, posted on Jory Micah’s blog, resonates with me. I and a little old lady friend Catherine, aged 100, visited a young man named Sean who was dying of AIDS in the hospital one Christmas-season. He was all alone, abandoned by his remaining family (his mother had died when he was a boy).


Definition of ‘Love’

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“If the way you practice ‘love’ leaves other persons feeling hated, then perhaps it is time to rethink your definition of love.” – Nate Sparks, Christian blogger/husband/dad