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Would anything get done without the persistence of determined women – even women who are willing to “break the rules” in the face of injustice? Would women have the right to vote if our great-grandmothers had not rebelled against men who were determined to keep vaginas out of the voting booth? Oh, does that offend you,…

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Changed By Breaking Bread With People Like Jesus Did.

By Velour/Mtn Shepherdess ©


“I dare you to break bread with the people that Jesus broke bread with. It will change you.”

~Johnny Miller


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Indeed this quote from Johnny Miller, posted on Jory Micah’s blog, resonates with me. I and a little old lady friend Catherine, aged 100, visited a young man named Sean who was dying of AIDS in the hospital one Christmas-season. He was all alone, abandoned by his remaining family (his mother had died when he was a boy).