Ex-Evangelical Conversations: Cindy Wang Brandt by Christopher Stroop

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Share the Pain

If it weren’t for the support of others I never would have gotten out of my marriage except by death. In American-eze I’m weak. In American-eze I should have been able to just do it all…

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A Special Account from Christopher — Don’t Miss This — Give Her Wings

Hey everyone! My name is Christopher and I’d like to briefly share my experience of my parent’s divorce and the ways that Give Her Wings had immeasurably provided hope for my life in a very dark time. All divorces are terrible for many reasons. First, it’s the tearing apart of two people who initially loved each…

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Thugs in the Pulpit: Avoiding Abuse from Church Leaders — The Wartburg Watch

Abusive church leadership was addressed back in 2004, and it appears little has changed in 2016. Perhaps it is getting worse!

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Sexual Abuse in The Christian Church

GRACE director answers the question:
How Safe Is Your Church?
“If the church can actually begin leading on this issue and the world look at the church and say ‘Wow thats an example we want to follow’ I think we would see some amazing results in the lives of precious souls.” A MUST watch.


9Marx Shuts Down Comments by Todd Wilhelm

[Note: The first article that Todd Wilhelm/Thou Art The Man blog wrote was in response to Jonathan D. Leeman’s article at 9 Marks about my 1-star review on Amazon of Mark Dever’s 9 Marks book and the horrible abuses, excommunications and shunnings – akin to the Salem Witch Trials that I saw practiced by the pastors/elders at my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley. 9 Marks censored and deleted all comments from the article from other people, very good critiques of 9 Marks. Now 9 Marks has censored another article and deleted comments. So much for ‘adult discussions’ about serious topics. When the going gets tough, Mark Dever and Jonathan D. Leeman turn tail and run. – Velour/MtnShepherdess, Moderator/blogger]


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Yesterday I wrote an article titled “Jonathan Leeman: Parsing Words and Deleting Comments.”  The subject of the article was the removal of all comments on an article published on the 9Marks website and Leeman’s lame and dishonest reasons given for doing so. The article, written by Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director of 9Marks, is titled “Don’t Be a 9Marxist!”

Yesterday I was alerted to the fact that Leeman also removed all comments from another article on the 9Marks blog titled “The Abuse of Authority in Prosperity Gospel Churches.”

The article, written by D.A. Horton, began by stating the following”


Gaslighting by Lilly Hope Lucario