Calvinism At Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley: #SomeLivesMatter

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My comment to Roger Olson: Thank you for the education about classical Calvinism which I did not know. When I saw the t-shirt I roared with laughter and promptly ordered one. I had a “tour-of-duty” of a NeoCalvinist church (eight years), complete with excommunication and shunnings for any reason, the most threatening was being a Berean and using critical thinking skills. (A woman in finance, a doctor, and then me.) The pastors/elders told church members that dissenters weren’t “one of us” and were “destined for Hell” and were to be excommunicated and shunned (“keyed out”). NeoCalvinist churches seem very authoritarian, brutal, and frankly vicious. I believe they are practicing the 1970’s heavy-Shepherding Movement’s tactics, whose founders repented. I will wear my t-shirt with pride, opposing un-Christian authoritarianism.

Roger Olson’s [theologian/professor/author] response to me: Fortunately, not all Calvinist churches are like that. That sounds almost like a cult. My Calvinist friends would not condone such behavior (even if they would probably restrict leadership to Calvinists).

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2 thoughts on “Calvinism At Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley: #SomeLivesMatter”

  1. Yeah! You have comments working.

    I love the t-shirt and think it fits Calvinistic doctrine despite Olson’s tortured explanation of how it does not fit Botteners Calvinist paradigm. I read his book, too, and think Olson glosses over his cognitive dissonance. I have always found Olson tortured until I figured out Arminians and Calvinists are really kissing cousins who view Christianity from only a Reformational paradigm.

    I don’t wear T-shirts. But I showed it to my teen and she wants one!

    Btw: “All lives matter” seems to be to be Christ’s message for us all.


    1. Thanks, Lydia, for the email that comments weren’t working. Apparently WordPress defaults to that setting, much to my dismay.

      If your daughter wants a t-shirt you must order it TODAY. TeeSpring is doing the campaign for the t-shirts. It closes tomorrow and the printing is going to be wrapping up soon for the t-shirts. Mine is on its way to California from Florida. It will be here in a few days.
      You are so right about Christ’s message that “All lives matter”, which is one thing that put me at odds with the teachings of that NeoCalvinist church I used to be in.

      I do appreciate Olson’s posting my comment and his kind reply. In light of 9 Marks scrubbing the internet of articles and comments, I tip my hat to anyone who disagrees and who can act like an adult.

      Take care and have a great weekend.

      Please email me if you see anything else that needs to be fixed.




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