The New Movie: Is Genesis History? – The Wartburg Watch blog

The fatal flaw of the move Is Genesis History?

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Julie Anne’s Blog Anniversary – 5 years at Spiritual Sounding Board

* * * * * * * Boy, oh boy, it’s been FIVE years today since the beginning of my blogs, and tomorrow marks five years since being served with the lawsuit by my ex-pastor Chuck O’Neal of Beaverton Grace Bible Church. It’s a good milestone moment to update the legacy. Here was my profile […]

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What Should We Do About 9Marks and Other Abusive Churches? By Dale, guest post on The Wartburg Watch blog

Are 9Marks churches divisive? Dale says “YES!” and provides his “Top Ten List” of their “Dividic Kingdom”

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What Makes 9 Marks Churches So Unhealthy? By Dale on The Wartburg Watch blog

“Dever has a very high view of the skill set of a pastor, and a very low view of the abilities of the sheep.” – Dale

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Mind Games of Abusers: When Words Have No Meaning

If you dialogue with a spiritually abusive leader or cult member, prepare to enter a mind warp. The rules of sense, reason, and accepted definitions go out the window and are replaced with jargon, …

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9 Marks/9 Marxists Pastors and Expense Paid Trips to T4G Despite Cash-Strapped Churches, Thou Art The Man blog

My loyal readers may recall that nine months ago I wrote an article titled “Despite Tight Budgets UAE 9Marks Pastors Travel To T4G Conference USA.” (Link) Now, nine months later and facing a serious budget deficit, senior pastor John Folmar had the nerve to ask members to give sacrificially! In the article, I took the…

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Abusive Pastor Violates Restraining Order -The Divorce Minister blog

Saeed Abedini is the pastor released from the Iranian prison and embraced by Franklin Graham. His wife, Naghmeh, fought for his release for years then filed for divorce citing abuse issues in their marriage. Recently, Saeed was in court for violating a restraining order made on Naghmeh’s behalf (see article here). For the skeptics regarding…

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