Christians Celebrating Halloween Is Fine by Me — Tim Fall’s Blog – Just One Train Wreck After Another

[From the archives.] Tom Burns and his daughter pair up for Halloween costumes every year. As he wrote on his blog, this year she was unsure if her choice was all right so she asked her dad, “Do you think I could be Han Solo?” Her hesitation? Han Solo is not a woman or girl, […]

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The Misinterpreted “Every Appearance of Evil”, and the Billy Graham Rule by Pastor Sam Powell

My Only Comfort

I’ve been gone and out of the loop for a while. The debate over the so-called “Billy Graham” rule, in light of the comments of Mike Pence, went on without me. That was probably a good thing.

But every generation renews its battle with the horrible interpretation of 1 Thessalonians 5:22. You have probably heard it:

22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. (1Th 5:22 KJV)

This is generally interpreted by small-minded men as an excuse to avoid interacting for good in the lives of others. When the passage is poorly translated, and taken out of context, it appears as if it is saying that one should avoid doing anything that someone else might take as being evil. Thus, lazy and guilt-ridden men can avoid interaction with “undesireables” and still pretend to take the high ground.

For example, I heard one man say that if he were driving alone down…

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The Billy Graham Rule Doesn’t Work for Most Who Participate in Today’s Society by The Wartburg Watch blog

I believe that the Billy Graham rule was right for his world but it is not right for mine. What about yours?

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The New Movie: Is Genesis History? – The Wartburg Watch blog

The fatal flaw of the move Is Genesis History?

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What Makes 9 Marks Churches So Unhealthy? By Dale on The Wartburg Watch blog

“Dever has a very high view of the skill set of a pastor, and a very low view of the abilities of the sheep.” – Dale

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An Exodus from Religion — john pavlovitz

We are the people of the Exodus. For so long we lived in captivity, chained in the Egypt of our Religion. Fear was our Pharaoh and he was cruel and brutal. For years we toiled in the bondage of our captor; our backs bent over and our shoulders rubbed raw by everything piled high upon them.……

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