Kicked Out of Church, Listened To the Blues

©by Velour/Mtn Shepherdess

I was kicked out of the authoritarian, legalistic, heavy-Shepherding church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley two years ago on a trumped up charge, like the doctor before me in his 70’s, and the woman before him (middle-aged in finance).

The first weekend after my excommunication/shunning, I took a breather and listened to The Blues, which I have always loved and had to listen to in secret before. I am so glad to be out of such a toxic, unhealthy church that did so much damage to so many peoples’ lives. My sister and friends say that they’re glad I’m out and that I’ve changed for the better.

Here is eight-year old Quinn Sullivan (he’s now a teenager) playing with Buddy Guy. I listened to this openly – and smiled – the weekend I was kicked out of church.


An Exodus from Religion — john pavlovitz

We are the people of the Exodus. For so long we lived in captivity, chained in the Egypt of our Religion. Fear was our Pharaoh and he was cruel and brutal. For years we toiled in the bondage of our captor; our backs bent over and our shoulders rubbed raw by everything piled high upon them.……

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