How Lori Alexander’s Teachings May Keep Women in Abusive Relationships. – by Spiritual Sounding Board blog

Lori Alexander, Emotional Abuse, Headship, Submission -by Kathi I’ve been reading Lori Alexander’s blogs for quite a while now. Just when I think her writing is the same old boring rhetoric she always blathers on about, she ups her game. Her recent post, “How Not to Get Married” is one that actually should be titled, […]

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Voice of the Martyrs and Alleged Sexual Sin in a Nigerian Orphanage. – by The Wartburg Watch blog

Serious concerns regarding the Stephens Center, which is connected with VOM

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Spiritual Abuse in the Church: A Guide to Recognition and Recovery. -by pastor Ken Garrett for his Ph. D.

Grace Bible Church

I have recently completed a 7-year process of earning a Doctor of Ministry degree at Western Seminary.  My dissertation was a survey of Spiritual Abuse in the Christian Church, with a view towards understanding what spiritual abuse it, how spiritually abusive leaders act and speak, what are the marks of a spiritually abusive church are, and how healthy churches and pastors can be a part of creating a church community that welcomes the survivors of spiritual abuse, and helps them find healing for the abuse.  Many friends have graciously asked if they might have a copy of the dissertation, so I’ve placed it here in PDF form, and welcome you to take a look at it!  Spiritual Abuse in the Church. Dissertation Final


Pastor Ken

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“Slickly Presented Opinionated Dogma” at Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley. by a man reviewer on YELP


“This church is pretty much as far right as is possible to find in the Bay Area. If you’re extremely conservative, and into biblical literalism (young earth, anti-evolution), reminders of the coming of the end, slickly presented opinionated dogma, Calvinism, and patriarchy, then this is a great place to explore and grow in that. Personally, it wasn’t for me, and I found it distasteful.”

– a man reviewer on YELP about his experience at Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley