Conservative Bent Tree church (Pete Briscoe) in Texas Approves Women Elders

©by Velour/MtnShepherdess

Thank you Bent Tree for respecting the priesthood of ALL believers and not camping out on a few words in the Bible to restrict womens’ giftedness. My Presbyterian grandmother (university educated, science, first woman dean of a California public college, taught men in World War II the subject of Geometry so they could fly their planes in the war and she was asked to do so by men administrators of the college), had women friends who were doctors/medical missionaries and taught The Gospel. They changed lives. Lottie Moon wouldn’t be permitted by today’s anti-woman Baptists to be a missionary under today’s restrictive rules for women. NeoCalvinism has set women back HUNDREDS of years and harmed the cause of Christ. It’s a harmful “doctrine of men”.