“The Power of a Transformed Wife”. It’s All About Who is in Control. By Kathi at Spiritual Sounding Board blog

The Power of a Transformed Wife, Lori Alexander, Control, Submission This is a book review series of The Power of a Transformed Wife by Lori Alexander. If you are just joining us, you may click on previous chapter reviews to catch up. Introduction & Chapter 1 Chapter 2 **** *** Chapter 3 – Let it […]

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Abusive Pastor Violates Restraining Order -The Divorce Minister blog

Saeed Abedini is the pastor released from the Iranian prison and embraced by Franklin Graham. His wife, Naghmeh, fought for his release for years then filed for divorce citing abuse issues in their marriage. Recently, Saeed was in court for violating a restraining order made on Naghmeh’s behalf (see article here). For the skeptics regarding…

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Nevertheless, She Persisted – Jory Micah’s blog

Would anything get done without the persistence of determined women – even women who are willing to “break the rules” in the face of injustice? Would women have the right to vote if our great-grandmothers had not rebelled against men who were determined to keep vaginas out of the voting booth? Oh, does that offend you,…

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How Wayne Grudem fits his ideas on authority/submission with his thoughts on domestic abuse — A Cry For Justice

Wayne Grudem claims that complementarianism guards against abuse. He maintains that his ideas on authority and submission don’t lead to abuse because he also emphasizes that men and women are equal in value: This created order is also best for us, because it comes from an allwise Creator. This created order truly honors men and women. It does not lead to […]

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