Covenants, Contracts, Community, Catholicism, Communism and Extra-biblical Visions (or The Shepherding Movement: Alive and Well in 2014)


Pope-and-Swiss-GuardThere is a growing trend among evangelical churches to require members to sign a church covenant. In most of these churches, there is a legitimate desire to see the regular attenders, or members, engage in meaningful fellowship or community in order to maximize their potential for the greater glory of God. The leaders of these churches see the membership covenant as an effective tool to combat the apathy and narcissism which is so prevalent in Western culture.  They would argue that biblical community is the antithesis of radicalindividualism and this individualism will continue to dominate the mindset of most churchgoers without a tangible tool like a membership covenant.

Not only does this narcissistic individualism undermine biblical community, advocates of membership covenants would contend that it undermines the vision that is cast by God-appointed leadership in the church. Vision casting is a concept advocated by Peter Drucker, (a noted Harvard…

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Don’t Be a 9Marxist!

by Velour/Mtn Shepherdess

Note: 9/17/16 This 9Marks article is about my Amazon review of my abusive former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley, a 9 Marks church.  I didn’t know at the time I joined GBFSV that Mark Dever, founder of the 9Marks of a [un]Healthy Church in Washington, D.C. and pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church there, had simply rolled out the 1970’s abusive heavy-Shepherding Movement’s tactics complete with excommunications and shunnings. The Florida Founders of the Shepherding Movement have apologized and repented for its abuses, controlling of Christians’ lives, lack of boundaries, and spiritual abuse.

Now that the damage is being done by Mark Dever’s 9Marks to lives across the nation and in countries around the world, 9 Marks is distancing themselves from the abuses even though they’ve advocated it. I’m, by the way, a woman not a man is the only additional comment I have to make.

“Here are fifteen marks that will keep you from being a “9Marxist,” that is, a church leader who abuses their authority.”

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Definition of ‘Love’

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“If the way you practice ‘love’ leaves other persons feeling hated, then perhaps it is time to rethink your definition of love.” – Nate Sparks, Christian blogger/husband/dad

Unnecessary control

“Unnecessary control is the mark of dysfunction for me: a dysfunctional church, a dysfunctional family, a dysfunctional political system, etc.”  – Christian Janeway on The Wartburg Watch, Twitter