“Do You See Me?” – story by “Jane” about being drugged and sexually assaulted by a pastor John MacArthur The Master’s Seminary Student. Cover-Up and Intimidation by MacArthur’s Schools and Staff. -Featured on Marci Preheim’s blog

‘Rick [Holland] leaves the room several times to go talk to [[pastor] John MacArthur [Grace Community Church in Southern California]. He comes back with John’s ruling on the matter. Rick tells me that I need to be disciplined for doing drugs, drinking alcohol and almost dancing. He said the consequence for breaking the rules is that I will be kicked out of the college. He is angry at me for going to the police and the doctor. I should have let the church handle this without outside interference. He tells me not to tell anyone else, not my fellow classmates, not my teachers, not anyone at church.

“You are ruining that young man’s life!” He says.’

Source: http://www.marcipreheim.com/2017/09/18/do-you-see-me/

To whom do we give second chances?


My alma mater is in the news again. Wheaton College. (Sometimes dubbed “The Evangelical Harvard.”) Five football players face felony charges in the assault of a freshman teammate in March 2016. They kidnapped him, restrained and beat him, attempted gang rape on him, and left him half naked in 45 degree weather, not knowing how to get home.

The headlines say “hazing.”

Hazing? Or sexual assault. Torture. Kidnapping. Endangering a young man’s life.

I believe “hazing” has become a term we use to diminish the moral weight of the act. Much like “extrajudicial killing” (see President Duterte of the Philippines) or “enhanced interrogation. “Hazing” – you know, that thing drunk college students do that can turn a bit dangerous, but that’s really kind of inevitable, so we should just turn a blind eye most of the time. Kids will be kids. Boys will be boys.

Wheaton is known for its…

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