“Do You See Me?” – story by “Jane” about being drugged and sexually assaulted by a pastor John MacArthur The Master’s Seminary Student. Cover-Up and Intimidation by MacArthur’s Schools and Staff. -Featured on Marci Preheim’s blog

‘Rick [Holland] leaves the room several times to go talk to [[pastor] John MacArthur [Grace Community Church in Southern California]. He comes back with John’s ruling on the matter. Rick tells me that I need to be disciplined for doing drugs, drinking alcohol and almost dancing. He said the consequence for breaking the rules is that I will be kicked out of the college. He is angry at me for going to the police and the doctor. I should have let the church handle this without outside interference. He tells me not to tell anyone else, not my fellow classmates, not my teachers, not anyone at church.

“You are ruining that young man’s life!” He says.’

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A ‘Church’ that Hands Victims Over to the Abuser – A Cry For Justice blog

This story came to my mind today as I was thinking about how local churches so often essentially hand over an abuse victim to her abuser – Now they told David, “Behold, the Philistines are fighting against Keilah and are robbing the threshing floors.” Therefore David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I go and attack […]

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Is Perry Noble an Alcoholic? A Continuing Discussion of Alcoholism and the Church — The Wartburg Watch

Why I am concerned that Perry Noble does not seem understand that he is a likely alcoholic.

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Note: From blog administrator of GBFSV Church Abuse website. This is an important article and one that is unaddressed in so many churches, especially NeoCalvinist/9 Marks/John MacArthur-ite churches like my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley.  The pastors/elders at GBFSV have NO education, training, or licensing in the big topics, including alcoholism and use what is beyond dumb and very dangerous — Nouthetic Counseling. It’s Bible Counseling which consists of throwing Scripture verses at things.

The pastors/elders (senior pastor and chairman of the elder board) required that I undergo eight months of meetings about an older woman church member to have “unity” with her. They discussed gossip, quoted Scripture, and wrote about gossip on a chalkboard. They never addressed the real issue: She’s a substance abuser, she’s an alcoholic, and this is what they do. She should have been under the care of a physician who should have supervised her care and treatment for alcoholism. The GBFSV pastors/elders failed her, her adult children, and church members.

The GBFSV pastors/elders even demanded that some people apologize to her for the problems she caused. That’s called codependency and enabling and it’s not supposed to be done with substance abusers. 10/19/16