Is Perry Noble an Alcoholic? A Continuing Discussion of Alcoholism and the Church — The Wartburg Watch

Why I am concerned that Perry Noble does not seem understand that he is a likely alcoholic.

via Is Perry Noble an Alcoholic? A Continuing Discussion of Alcoholism and the Church —

Note: From blog administrator of GBFSV Church Abuse website. This is an important article and one that is unaddressed in so many churches, especially NeoCalvinist/9 Marks/John MacArthur-ite churches like my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley.  The pastors/elders at GBFSV have NO education, training, or licensing in the big topics, including alcoholism and use what is beyond dumb and very dangerous — Nouthetic Counseling. It’s Bible Counseling which consists of throwing Scripture verses at things.

The pastors/elders (senior pastor and chairman of the elder board) required that I undergo eight months of meetings about an older woman church member to have “unity” with her. They discussed gossip, quoted Scripture, and wrote about gossip on a chalkboard. They never addressed the real issue: She’s a substance abuser, she’s an alcoholic, and this is what they do. She should have been under the care of a physician who should have supervised her care and treatment for alcoholism. The GBFSV pastors/elders failed her, her adult children, and church members.

The GBFSV pastors/elders even demanded that some people apologize to her for the problems she caused. That’s called codependency and enabling and it’s not supposed to be done with substance abusers. 10/19/16


Author: Velour

Survived a *tour-of-duty* of an authoritarian church.

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