A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce — by Rebecca VanDoodewaard, author, on The Gentle Reformation blog

Here is another important article about divorce, since so many churches — especially Complementarian/Patriarchy/NeoCalvinist are burdening people, in particular wives, with the (false) idea that they must stay in abusive marriages and be submissive doormats.

“Evangelical and confessional churches are striving to maintain a high view of marriage in a culture that is ripping the institution to shreds. So extra-biblical barriers to divorce can be well-meant. They try to protect marriage by doing everything possible to avoid divorce. In doing so, they not only fail to keep a high view of marriage. They also spread lies about the gospel, divorce, the value of people, the character of God, and the nature of sexual sin.”

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Is Perry Noble an Alcoholic? A Continuing Discussion of Alcoholism and the Church — The Wartburg Watch

Why I am concerned that Perry Noble does not seem understand that he is a likely alcoholic.

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Note: From blog administrator of GBFSV Church Abuse website. This is an important article and one that is unaddressed in so many churches, especially NeoCalvinist/9 Marks/John MacArthur-ite churches like my former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley.  The pastors/elders at GBFSV have NO education, training, or licensing in the big topics, including alcoholism and use what is beyond dumb and very dangerous — Nouthetic Counseling. It’s Bible Counseling which consists of throwing Scripture verses at things.

The pastors/elders (senior pastor and chairman of the elder board) required that I undergo eight months of meetings about an older woman church member to have “unity” with her. They discussed gossip, quoted Scripture, and wrote about gossip on a chalkboard. They never addressed the real issue: She’s a substance abuser, she’s an alcoholic, and this is what they do. She should have been under the care of a physician who should have supervised her care and treatment for alcoholism. The GBFSV pastors/elders failed her, her adult children, and church members.

The GBFSV pastors/elders even demanded that some people apologize to her for the problems she caused. That’s called codependency and enabling and it’s not supposed to be done with substance abusers. 10/19/16


What Happens When You Divorce Grace and Truth. – From Dan R. Ledwith’s blog

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Yesterday I was pointed to a post by Jessica Fore in which she shares her side of a long struggle with her church and presbytery over dealing with finding out that she was being abused by her husband. Her post makes it very clear that the decisions and actions of the church leadership were anything but supportive to her. Now things have come to the point where she is publically voicing her descent over what she perceives as a significant failure in leadership; and the church has formally indicted her for not submitting to and obeying their leadership.

I realize that this post is just her side of events, however it not the first that I have heard, or even the second, or third. I am dismayed at hearing stories like this. The unfortunate reality is that abuse happens in the church. More than we care to admit. When they…

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