A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce — by Rebecca VanDoodewaard, author, on The Gentle Reformation blog

Here is another important article about divorce, since so many churches — especially Complementarian/Patriarchy/NeoCalvinist are burdening people, in particular wives, with the (false) idea that they must stay in abusive marriages and be submissive doormats.

“Evangelical and confessional churches are striving to maintain a high view of marriage in a culture that is ripping the institution to shreds. So extra-biblical barriers to divorce can be well-meant. They try to protect marriage by doing everything possible to avoid divorce. In doing so, they not only fail to keep a high view of marriage. They also spread lies about the gospel, divorce, the value of people, the character of God, and the nature of sexual sin.”

Via: http://gentlereformation.com/2017/07/20/a-high-view-of-marriage-includes-divorce/