A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce — by Rebecca VanDoodewaard, author, on The Gentle Reformation blog

Here is another important article about divorce, since so many churches — especially Complementarian/Patriarchy/NeoCalvinist are burdening people, in particular wives, with the (false) idea that they must stay in abusive marriages and be submissive doormats.

“Evangelical and confessional churches are striving to maintain a high view of marriage in a culture that is ripping the institution to shreds. So extra-biblical barriers to divorce can be well-meant. They try to protect marriage by doing everything possible to avoid divorce. In doing so, they not only fail to keep a high view of marriage. They also spread lies about the gospel, divorce, the value of people, the character of God, and the nature of sexual sin.”

Via: http://gentlereformation.com/2017/07/20/a-high-view-of-marriage-includes-divorce/

Calvinist Leader Dr.Iain Campbell Dies by Suicide Amidst Allegations of Affairs and an Out of Wedlock Child -The Wartburg Watch blog [Note: TWW should have called this ‘Undue Influence’ by a Predatory Pastor]

If a great theologian and pastor allegedly abuses the women in his congregation for decades, then what is wrong with his theology of obedience?

via Calvinist Leader Dr Iain Campbell Commits Suicide Amidst Allegations of Affairs and an Out of Wedlock Child. His Wife Gets Blamed! —

*Note:  While this is an important story that The Wartburg Watch covered, I disagree with their calling (late) Pastor Iain Cambell’s having sex with at least seven women church members “affairs”. (There may be more women besides these seven.) These women have not been able to tell their side of the story. This pastor may have exerted undue influence over these women such as in counseling meetings and may have used other coercive tactics.  We just don’t know the details. To tarnish these womens’ reputations when they may have been victimized is wrong. I decline to judge these Scottish women on so little information. To further ‘throw them under the bus’ in order to support Campbell’s widow Anne is also wrong.  Please keep that in mind when reading this Wartburg Watch article. Campbell seemed like a real predatory creep. His victims aren’t to blame for his wife’s anguish. He is. 

Here are some additional resources about pastoral ‘grooming’ of adults for sex.

Support group: Hope of Survivors http://www.thehopeofsurvivors.com/are_you_confused.php