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Earlier this year we shared a guest post titled “Why I’m at a Church That Doesn’t Support Gender Equality”. The post led to a robust discussion of the pros and cons of staying versus leaving. Today a seasoned leader shares a consequence of staying in a complementarian church that did not come up in earlier…

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Praise From Across The U.S. About Blog Dealing With Spiritual Abuse At Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley

by Velour/MtnShepherdess

"Mutton & Muscle Gym" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“When Sheep Fight Back”. Cartoon by David Hayward/The Naked Pastor. ©

I was contacted today through social media from people across the United States who have found the new blog I have started about my former church, Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley, and its spiritual abuse. My ex-pastor was a graduate of John MacArthur’s The Master’s Seminary in Southern California. I liken it to a franchisee training ground, like a 7-11, where graduates learn to open up their own franchise of the JMac “brand”.

I learned from several writers/radio talk show hosts who have been in JMac churches that these abuses that I was subjected to at Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley, that I watched others be subjected to (godly men and women), and many others saw the ‘warning signs’ and the ‘writing on the wall’ and fled, are common-place in JMac churches with JMac graduates.

People who’ve read the blog hope that others around the world will read it, be strengthened by it. I started it because I will no longer be silent.  What I witnessed, and what I was subjected to by the pastors/elders, was wrong.

Others who’ve been abused at JMac churches have been cowed into silence. Why? Our numbers are growing and the tide is turning. I will not ratify such abuse. Close your wallet, stop giving your money to support this nonsense, walk out the door, and don’t volunteer your time to any of these abusive churches.