Poem – “Will You Stand With Me” by Geva Roberts ©

My friend Geva Roberts, a writer in Texas, submitted this poem she just wrote for me to share with all of you on my blog.

WILL YOU STAND WITH ME?  By Geva Roberts ©

Will you stand with me,

When a little boy is scared to go back to church.

When others tell him it is all right and no one listens.

Will you stand with me for him?


Will you stand with me for the little girl that was

Hurt at church and was forced to forgive her abuser?

Will you stand with me, if not you, then who?


Will you stand with me

when young ladies are molested by a church member.

When the church says it was partly their fault.

When these young innocent ladies are shunned.

Will you stand with me.


Will you stand with me when the husband abuses the wife,

But the church says it’s ok. He is a man of God after all.

When the husband thinks it’s ok to look at child pornography,

And the church stands beside him instead of his wife.


Will you stand with me when these “Ministers” of the church

Accuse others unjustly of gossip and slander.

When they put their members in ungodly church discipline.

Will you stand with me, if not you, then who?


Will you take a stand with me,

Shout it from the roof tops,

Cry with me till there are no more tears.

Pray till we get the answers.


Will you stand with me and others

So that innocent people are no longer hurt.

Will you speak for them, when they have no voice,

If not you, then who?


“What Place do Pedophiles Have in the Church?” by (Pastor) Jimmy Hinton

Jimmy Hinton’s article is from the website: http://wineskins.org/2014/04/08/what-place-do-pedophiles-have-in-the-church/

“After Jimmy Hinton’s previous article on “Protecting Our Children from Pedophiles” I asked him to write a follow up piece about what we can do as Christians to continue to understand how to interact with people who struggle with this as they are people just as in need of Jesus as anyone else. This article is Jimmy’s response to that question. Jimmy just presented on this at Tulsa last week and has some recommendations for churches in this article. We may not all agree on how this is handled but the conversation is as relevant and necessary as ever. Last, like Jimmy’s first article, there are some difficult things to read in this article but they are left in because this conversation is so vitally important that we are able to provide space to have an open and honest conversation on these things. – Matt”