Confessions: Anti-LGBT Rhetoric and the Dynamics of Abuse in Evangelical Christianity

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Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is by now familiar with my saying:

Everyone is polite and rational until you ask them to deconstruct their own sacred privileges.

This quote has become a mantra of sorts, something I repeat to myself every time the Twitter trolls surface or a long time follower randomly accuses me of blasphemy. My blogging experience has made me painstakingly aware that we all have a belief or privilege which, though largely unconsidered, lies so close to our concept of self that any challenge seems like a threat to our very being. In these instances, we resort to blatant antagonism. We strive so hard to protect or “self” that we cease to see other people as human beings, and reduce them to objects to be conquered or utilities – a clearly designated other to support our argument for why we, clearly, are the only…

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