Marriage Equality and No Fault Divorce – how do you rank them?

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[Updated from the archives.]

I read a thought-provoking question on another blog:

Would anyone agree that there is a difference between

a) baking a cake you know is for a gay couple
b) baking a cake you know is for a gay couple’s wedding but not attending
c) taking professional pictures of a gay wedding, at the gay wedding
d) officiating the wedding

Is it possible and consistent that one may perform a-c as a part of his profession, but draw the line at D, and refuse to officiate on account of his religious beliefs?

I responded by asking a question borne straight from my position as a trial court judge:

Let’s choose a different situation. My understanding of the Bible says divorce is prohibited except when certain circumstances exist. Can I refuse to grant a divorce decree for a couple who meets the legal requirements for marital dissolution but…

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