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Silencing Women in the Name of Religion

Last month patriarchal pastor Tim Bayly called out two women for supposedly overstepping their role, for doing “men’s work” instead of staying in their place.

When women such as Dr. Valerie Hobbs and Ms. Rachel Miller publicly admonish and rebuke [John Piper and Douglas Wilson], particularly men who are ordained officers of Christ’s Church, it would be hard to imagine any clearer rebellion against their sex.*

He then points to 1 Timothy 2:12-15 for the proposition that no woman should teach any man ever. Only men can do that.

If Pastors John Piper and Doug Wilson have betrayed the Word of God in their teaching on sexuality, they both are surrounded by pastors and elders whose duty it is to watch over their teaching and correct them when they are in error. This is not women’s work.

So says the Word of God.

Unbelievably, Mr. Bayly…

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