What Should We Do About 9Marks and Other Abusive Churches? By Dale, guest post on The Wartburg Watch blog

Are 9Marks churches divisive? Dale says “YES!” and provides his “Top Ten List” of their “Dividic Kingdom”

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What Makes 9 Marks Churches So Unhealthy? By Dale on The Wartburg Watch blog

“Dever has a very high view of the skill set of a pastor, and a very low view of the abilities of the sheep.” – Dale

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9 Marks/9 Marxists Pastors and Expense Paid Trips to T4G Despite Cash-Strapped Churches, Thou Art The Man blog

My loyal readers may recall that nine months ago I wrote an article titled “Despite Tight Budgets UAE 9Marks Pastors Travel To T4G Conference USA.” (Link) Now, nine months later and facing a serious budget deficit, senior pastor John Folmar had the nerve to ask members to give sacrificially! In the article, I took the…

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Church Membership Covenants and Incorrect Legal Advice About Their Legality – The Wartburg Watch

Churches-you cannot legally pursue a member who resigns even if they are under church discipline. (1 of 2 posts)

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Church Membership Abuses at 9 Marks Churches by Dale for The Wartburg Watch blog

“9Marks churches are very dangerous places to attend church. The ones I had attended lacked love and integrity — two marks of a congregation of true worshipers (John 4:24)” writes Dale in his testimony

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Church Discipline (Abuses). by Todd Wilhlem for The Wartburg Watch

“Too many of our present day evangelical churches are staffed with proud, pompous, narcissistic men who have been indoctrinated at institutions such as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,” writes ‘rock-throwing peasant’ Todd Wilhelm.

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R.K. Wright’s Refuting Danvers Statement Regarding Complementarianism

From The Wartburg Watch blog discussion on October 11, 2016:

Gram3 wrote:

If anyone takes the time to actually re-state each Danvers point and look up their supposed proof texts, it is evident that there is no textual or logical there there.

Victorious wrote:

R.K.Wright has done just that. It can be read here:

Don’t Be a 9Marxist!

by Velour/Mtn Shepherdess

Note: 9/17/16 This 9Marks article is about my Amazon review of my abusive former church Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley, a 9 Marks church.  I didn’t know at the time I joined GBFSV that Mark Dever, founder of the 9Marks of a [un]Healthy Church in Washington, D.C. and pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church there, had simply rolled out the 1970’s abusive heavy-Shepherding Movement’s tactics complete with excommunications and shunnings. The Florida Founders of the Shepherding Movement have apologized and repented for its abuses, controlling of Christians’ lives, lack of boundaries, and spiritual abuse.

Now that the damage is being done by Mark Dever’s 9Marks to lives across the nation and in countries around the world, 9 Marks is distancing themselves from the abuses even though they’ve advocated it. I’m, by the way, a woman not a man is the only additional comment I have to make.

“Here are fifteen marks that will keep you from being a “9Marxist,” that is, a church leader who abuses their authority.”

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