Dangerous and Ignorant Attitudes about Sex Abuse in the Church, part III

Christian Feminist Daddy

Sherri could not believe what she was hearing. If this was true, she had been in danger this whole time and never knew it.

She had only been working on this project for a couple of months by now. Things had been going well as far as she knew. She, Brad, Gary and the others had nearly cleaned out the shop and made it ready for crews to begin remodeling. Sherri had been looking forward to the next phase, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Just a few short moments ago she was minding her own business and working away when Brad started to call it a day. He waited until the others had left, and then asked Sherri to stay for a few more moments. This would have normally been cause for concern, but Sherri had known Brad for years before she started working for him. If there was…

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