Courage Conference 2016

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Over this weekend I was blessed to be able to “attend” the Courage Conference online via web streaming. I went a little crazy on Twitter as I watched, so I’ve condensed my musings into a post for those of you who are not on Twitter.

I’m super excited to be watching the Courage Conference online this weekend. Will be live tweeting it here!

I’m just about to start watching !!!

First speaker is Rachel Williams-Jordan,Victim Advocate at the Sexual Assault Response Program in Lynchburg

Visit for more information about Rachel’s work. It’s fixing to start any minute now.
Just started!

“We firmly believe that victims should be in full control of their own story”

“Sometimes abusers are in charge of the finances and their victims are financially unable to go home’

“Consent cannot be assumed.”

“Sexual assault is an act of violence.”

“While women have a lot of trouble…

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