Responding to Abuse – Notes from The Courage Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Courage Conference this past weekend. While there was a lot of healing and support taking place, there was also a lot of educating. Did you know that there are just as many cases of abuse in the church and in other religious communities, if not more, than the secular world? Or that evangelical churches have the highest rate of abuse, even more so than the Catholic church? Did you also know that the church has a history of protecting itself above its members, by burying the abuse and even blaming the victims? So what do we do when someone we know is abused? What are ways we can prevent abuse? Here are four essential takeaways from The Courage Conference.

1. Believe the Victim

Boz Tchividjian, professor and former child abuse prosecutor, said that the number one thing he hears from victims…

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Author: Velour

Survived a *tour-of-duty* of an authoritarian church.