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Would anything get done without the persistence of determined women – even women who are willing to “break the rules” in the face of injustice? Would women have the right to vote if our great-grandmothers had not rebelled against men who were determined to keep vaginas out of the voting booth? Oh, does that offend you,…

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A ‘Church’ that Hands Victims Over to the Abuser – A Cry For Justice blog

This story came to my mind today as I was thinking about how local churches so often essentially hand over an abuse victim to her abuser – Now they told David, “Behold, the Philistines are fighting against Keilah and are robbing the threshing floors.” Therefore David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I go and attack […]

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John MacArthur’s Destructive Teachings – “No Divorce for Abuse” by Jeff Crippen/A Cry for Justice blog

Here is a “christian” man who commented on one of our older posts (read it here) on John MacArthur’s teaching that God does not permit divorce for abuse. We did not publish his comment there, because it is so incredibly cruel. But I believe it is proper to expose the depths of spiritual abuse found in […]

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Church Discipline of Abused Wife Featured in Media. The Wartburg Watch

Local media highlights Marie Notcheva’s story.

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What Do Women Long For? A Christmas Reflection — The Junia Project

Merry Christmas from The Junia Project! Today our gift to you is this thoughtful and poignant reflection about what women truly want for Christmas. May it be more so in 2017! “While in line at a downtown grocery store, a magazine headline caught my eye, “What Women Long For this Christmas.” The subtitle implied the…

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The Abuser in the Christmas Story (a re-post) — A Cry For Justice

Dear readers, we hope your Christmas day is or was* very happy, blessed and safe. On Christmas Day 2014 we published The Abuser in the Christmas Story. Today we’re giving you a link to that post so you can go back and revisit it. If you want to submit a comment, we’d prefer you do […]

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Cruel to Be Kind — My Fight Song blog

I’ve been trying to figure out how the majority of the branches of the Christian religion became so misogynistic. How did we go from Christ giving women equal footing to women being forced to be doormats for abusive parents and husbands? How did we go from a God who displayed His love for all people […]

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Are Pastors at Heritage Bible Chapel Re-Abusing Wives Harmed in Abusive Marriages? —The Wartburg Watch

True or False – abuse, even physical abuse, is never biblical grounds for divorce. What are they teaching in seminary these days???

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A Special Account from Christopher — Don’t Miss This — Give Her Wings

Hey everyone! My name is Christopher and I’d like to briefly share my experience of my parent’s divorce and the ways that Give Her Wings had immeasurably provided hope for my life in a very dark time. All divorces are terrible for many reasons. First, it’s the tearing apart of two people who initially loved each…

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The Toxic Theology Of John Piper Bears Wicked Fruit Again. Domestic Violence Victim at Bethlehem Baptist Facing Excommunication and Shunning.

Cartoon. Used with permission by David Hayward. Canada.
By Natalie Klejwa (c), used with permission. Her blog:
Update: May 2018. Happy News. Natalie’s divorce was finalized after she endured decades of an abusive marriage and flak from the abusive pastors/elders at Bethlehem Baptist Church (John Piper’s church) in Minnesota. BBC pastors/elders lied about Natalie before thousands of church members, excommunicated, and shunned her. None of it was true. Natalie reconnected with a nice man that she had known when they were both children in school. He bought a large home near her home, big enough to have all of her minor children live with them and her soap-making business. They got married. They had a simple, small church wedding ceremony followed by a dessert of pies. Natalie and her children are very happy and are treated with love and respect, no abuse of any kind. Her second husband is a great guy. Thank you Lord for answering prayers for this family. They have moved on from such a wicked, unloving church and arrogant, abusive, uncaring pastors/elders. 

Last night the elders of Bethlehem Baptist shared a few blatant lies, and some half-truths spun in context of those lies. They planted a few false ideas that never came up in my case (infidelity?) as well as left out pertinent information in order to flavor their testimony against me to the congregation. They did this publically and shamelessly. They murdered me last night in the eyes of many people who will never have access to the truth. I’ve been scared to death for years of what they could do to me. How they could ruin my life. But I’m pretty sure lying about me and shaming me is the worst they can do. What they’ve indirectly done to my children is the thing that really breaks my heart and pisses me off.

Are you my friend? You scared to stand with me? The BIG D for Divorce will be on my chest soon, and I’m the one who initiated it! Sinner Woman. Jezebel. The unforgiveable sin. I’m a pariah now. An outcast. All because I couldn’t gut out the hell of being married to my Ex for another 25 years.

I’m sick to death of living in fear of destructive men and organizations who control other people by using THE BIBLE. By claiming they have the radar on God while others don’t. They say I was not emotionally abused by my Ex for 24 years. Like they know. They call my story a “biased narrative” so they can minimize and dismiss it. They say I have no right to divorce him. They dismiss the 23 years I worked my butt off trying to fix my marriage, cooperate with all the men-leaders, be respectful, be vulnerable, grovel in sorrow and repentance, and obey – and when I finally say I can’t do it anymore – my kids need me, I need to heal, to focus on God, to move forward, they call me “resistant.” I needed and asked for friendship and love. They betrayed me with a smile on their face and a Bible verse on their lips. They use spiritual abuse to control women and children and even other men. This is reprehensible, and I will spend the rest of my life exposing it wherever I see it.

Call me angry. Call me rebellious. Call me a lunatic. Call me a bitch. Call me whatever you want. Spew out your venomous lies to serve your misogynistic agendas. My Creator calls me Beloved. He calls me Daughter, and I choose to believe and obey Him. No more groveling. No more apologies. I wanted to keep this private and protect my Ex and my church. But Bethlehem is just chomping at the bit to excommunicate me publically. Fine. You want to bring this to the public square? (And don’t drivel about how it’s “private” within the church. That’s a silly notion rooted in unreality.)

I dare you to show support. And if you can’t – you’re no real friend of mine and no real friend of women and children, in general. You’re only a cog in the well-oiled system of abuse. Be gone from me.

Yes. There’s a big, fat, deep line in the sand, and it’s time to rock and roll.