Law versus Love

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Nick Bulbeck’s  comment on The Wartburg Watch:

“But I came across a great quote on someone’s blog a few years ago. I’ve not been able to find it since, otherwise I’d attribute it, but the best I can do is say that I didn’t come up with this. It goes, as near as I can remember it, thus:

Where law is paramount, rules matter more than people; and Christians will hurt people in order to obey the rules. But where love is paramount, people matter more than rules; and Christians will break the rules in order to protect people.”


From David Hayward/TheNakedPastor’s website to go with his cartoon above, used by permission:

“Here are 10 reasons why law is easier than love:

  1. love means you have to trust the good in people
  2. love means you can’t predict outcomes
  3. love means you can’t control people
  4. love means you can’t inflict your anger on others
  5. love means you can’t reject people who aren’t like you
  6. love means you can’t predetermine the character of a community
  7. love means you can’t decide who’s in and who’s out
  8. love means you accept people as they are and will be
  9. love means you don’t think you are or know better
  10. love means you… what’s your #10?”


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