Eternal Subordination of the Son and Biblical Patriarchy — by Rachel Miller ( a reblog)

A Cry For Justice

In this post Rachel shows how Debi Pearl, Jasmine Baucham (daughter of Voddie Baucham), Bill Gothard, R C Sproul Jr, and David Bayly all believe in the Eternal Subordination of the Son. We are reblogging it because we know quite a few of our readers have been harmed by what those folks have taught. You can find Rachel’s original post here.


Continuing the series on ESS/EFS/ERAS in various books and articles, today I want to look at a different set of authors. Each of the authors quoted here has self-identified with the Biblical Patriarchy movement. Unfortunately, this is one of the overlaps between the Biblical Patriarchy movement and mainstream complementarianism.

Debi Pearl, and her husband, Michael, have been popular authors within homeschooling and patriarchal circles for some time. There have been many articles written responding to various aspects of their teaching.

In her book, Created to Be His Help Meet, Debi Pearl…

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