Life Christian University’s Distinguished Degree Holders Did Not Attend the School — Warren Throckmorton

Last week, self-styled Christian nation historian and and Donald Trump supporter David Barton crowed that he possessed an earned PhD. In a video posted to his YouTube account, Barton chastised “progressives” for saying he did not have a PhD. In the video, Barton told viewers that he had an earned PhD but did not say…

via Life Christian University’s Distinguished Degree Holders Did Not Attend the School — Warren Throckmorton

*Note: My ex-pastor Cliff McManis, who has people refer to him as “Dr. McManis”, at Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley also claimed to have a Ph.D. and another advanced degree. Former church members and I checked. The degrees are fakes according to the U.S. Department of Education and the on-line “college/seminary” that he claimed that he went to is a “diploma mill” in Independence, Missouri called “Faith Bible College”.  “Ph.D.s” cost $299; I refer to them as Phony Degrees. A legitimate Ph.D. from an accredited university takes about eight years of very hard work to earn.

The one “accrediting agency” for Faith Bible College was brought up on fraud charges by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and banned from doing business in Missouri. The fraudsters simply moved to Arkansas, changed their name, went back to Missouri and “accredited” the diploma mills like Faith Bible College again. I recently advised the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, “they’re baaccck. Go get them!” It shocking how many clergy members have sub-par educations, if any college education, and fake degrees. This would be grounds for firing in the private sector, or not even hiring a potential employee. It can also result in criminal charges for presenting false documents.

My ex-pastor Cliff McManis also told we church members that he had “defended The Gospel before hostile liberals when [he] was taking classes for his teaching credential at a Southern California state university.” He also calls himself “Coach” and has others call him that. Results of that vetting? Supervisors with California Teacher Credentialing in Sacramento said that California has NEVER credentialed ANYONE with Cliff McManis’ name to teach. Many former GBFSV church members decided to check McManis’ “credentials” and “diplomas”. We all found the same thing: Fakes. Untruths.


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